Northern Technologies

Northern Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high performance EMI/RFI shielded and non-shielded connector covers for D-subminiature and high density SCSI connectors.

We also offer an extensive line of D-subminiature connectors, SCSI connectors, V.35 connector kits, Category 3 to 5 accessories, over-mold cans, custom hardware and accessories. Northern Technologies metal and metalized plastic connector covers are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of FCC Doc.#20780 for the suppression of EMI / RFI Class A and B. Most of the connector covers we provide utilize our patented NorTech compression insert system which virtually eliminates EMI / RFI emissions. Our one size fits all concept allows you to use the same connector cover with a wide variety of outside cable diameters, thus reducing inventory. Our compression insert system can potentially cut your cable assembly time in half.

Overview of Products:

  • D-Sub Miniature Covers
  • D-Sub Miniature Connectors
  • Ethernet Connector Covers
  • V.35 Connector Covers
  • SCSI Connector Covers
  • VHDCI Connector Covers
  • DVI Connectors & Covers